Scoliosis is a condition in which your spine tends to curve on one side. Although scoliosis can infect any part of the spine, the chest and the lower back are the most common regions. Moreover, the condition is highly common in children and does not require surgery in most cases as the curvature is restored as the body grows. Scoliosis treatment will assess the degree of the curvature and your age and recommend a physical and a bracing therapy based on his/her observation. As mentioned earlier, a very small number of scoliosis patients would require a surgery if the condition is extremely severe. Some of the symptoms of scoliosis include respiratory problems, hindrance in physical capabilities, chronic pain, etc.

Important points related to scoliosis

  • The causes of scoliosis are not known
  • A small percentage of individuals would require a surgery
  • Females are more prone to scoliosis compared to males