Let’s admit it! At present, we are flooded with the excess workload at work, catering to important requirements of clients, and working harder and longer than ever to meet those important deadlines. All the hustle and bustle is likely to take a toll on your body in the long run especially in regions near your neck and the back. Sedentary lifestyle, long working hours at the desk, and lack of exercise are the leading factors that lead to neck pain. Issues related to pain in the neck should not be ignored as it could lead to complications in the future.

Over the last decade, the number of patients seeking Neck pain treatment has increased significantly. Advances in technology and progress in the medical field have opened the doors to several non-surgical neck and back pain relief treatments. Spinal Wellness offers highly reliable, effective, medically validated, and technologically advanced back treatments.

This blog will focus on how individuals who have long working hours can deal with problems related to neck and back pain effectively


Make sure that the desk and the chair you are going to spend a significant amount of your time working is ideal. It is your company’s responsibility, after all, to ensure they invest in a good working set-up for the best interest of their employee’s health and overall productivity.

In addition, a flexible working station enables you to change positions which is important to keep neck pain away. Moreover, studies suggest that adjustable desks reduce back and neck pain by around 50-54% making it an ideal choice for a workstation.


One of the other factors that are largely responsible for pain in the neck or the back is stress.

Hence, it is essential to reduce stress by addressing the causes of the same. It is important to work in a healthy work environment and move away from emotional exhaustion to keep the stress levels in check.

Increase physical activity

It is important to understand that spending long hours on your desk is eventually going to result in neck and Back pain.

It is known to all that physical activities help reducing anxiety symptoms and hence, you should do your best to incorporate the same in your schedule. The chances of neck and back pain reduce significantly if you are physically active.


Your posture and postural habits are largely responsible for pain in your neck or the back. Multiple studies have revealed that individuals who claimed high levels of discomfort due to neck pain have an increase of around 8 degrees in the head flexion in comparison with individuals who have moderate or low discomfort. Regular exercise coupled with a conscious effort to improve your posture is pivotal in keeping neck and shoulder pain at bay.

In the current scenario, more and more individuals are seeking Neck pain treatment due to the factors that have been discussed above. Moreover, due to giant strides in the medical field, non-surgical back pain relief treatments are now available at leading centers such as Spinal Wellness. Get in touch with our experts if you are suffering from neck or back pain!

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