About Us

Non Surgical Spine Center in Pune

Enliven Ortho & Spinal Wellness Center, an extension of Enliven Clinic works on the principle of being Patient-Centric just like the other. This is the reason for our consistent growth as we adopt new and better technologies to provide the best treatment including quick recoveries.

Our team of highly experienced and accomplished doctors has successfully treated thousands of patients. Moreover, our spinal specialists adopt a unique patient-centric approach to treat our patients with utmost care and precision. We understand each patient has a unique condition and thus offer the most effective treatments based on their condition.

Our Motto

Our motto at Enliven Ortho & Spinal Wellness Center is that health care should aim to take care of your health and not just limit to the prevention and treatment of diseases. Health care should always strive to improve the quality of life of the people and therefore, Spinal Wellness eliminates the after side-effects and risks associated with surgeries. 

At Enliven Ortho & Spinal Wellness Center, our goal is to provide the latest and most advanced scientifically-validated diagnostics and therapeutics to both men and women to make them look young and healthy even as they grow older. All medical diagnostic facilities are available in-house to ensure that the diagnoses made are highly accurate to provide the right kind of treatment.

As we believe that our patients are our highest priority, we undertake a health awareness camp to educate and increase awareness about new diseases and also about preventive treatments. We also provide online appointments for our international and national patients for their convenience. Our highly experienced doctors and surgeons are known for providing the best treatment.

Our Treatment Approach

We provide our patients with the best comprehensive assessment of their health in almost all Physiological and biochemical systems. We then give our patients a tailor-made program to slow down and in some cases even reverse the disease process along with slowing down the process of aging.

In the short spine, health is crucial not only for weight-bearing but also for the movement of the human structure. Spine disorders account for work-related disability in men and women, one of the common causes of reported leaves and loss of productivity. Also, a severe spinal disorder too can affect active sexual life.

The least we can do is to make the patient live happily despite having the disease and in this, we feel we have achieved our goal. Today we can proudly declare that we are one of a kind clinic in Pune to offer the above-mentioned treatments under one roof.

The Spinal Wellness Program

We offer integrated spinal wellness programs that blend modern science with the traditional and holistic approach that treats the person; not just the symptoms.

The true spinal wellness approach is not all about treating the symptoms. It’s about treating and reversing the root cause of the disease and restoring wellness.

Our Treatment Goals

We mainly focus on decompression, mobilization, and correction that strengthens the spinal muscle, re-aligns the spinal bones.