7 Most Common Causes of Back Pain One Must Never Ignore!

There are many reputed and leading specialists in Pune who are known for providing excellent Sciatica Treatment. Visiting one such therapist or specialist namely Spinal Wellness Clinic, for Sciatica treatment will not only help you to get relieved from the terrible Pain but also to smoothly carry out all your activities in a normal and healthy way. […]

4 Ways How the Wrong Posture Could Affect Your Overall Productivity

Exercise For Sciatica Caused On Account Of Isthmic Spondylolisthesis Let’s all ask ourselves a really simple yet important question and that is, do we really pay attention to our posture and how much do we care about it? Here when we talk about posture, we are talking about the posture while standing, lifting an object, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Thoracic Spondylosis

Without a doubt, spine related problems and back pain are highly common in middle age individuals and also prevalent in men and women above 45 years of age. Sitting in one place for long hours, a desk job, lack of exercise, and an improper diet are some of the factors that contribute to severe back […]

Gentle Stretching Exercise will help to Relive Sciatica Pain

Most of us experience excruciating pain at some point in our life and all that we want to do at that time is just roll over and lie down. But when diagnosed with Sciatica, that’s perhaps the worst thing we can do.When a person gets afflicted with Sciatica, the Sciatic nerve is under pressure. One […]