Degenerative Disc Disease
Treatment in Pune

What causes Degenerative Disc Diseases?

Degenerative disc disease occurs when the cushioned circular discs between the bones of the spine develop degenerative changes, that is, age-related wear and tear. It prevents the disc from working as a shock absorber. Degenerative disc disease is a prevalent cause of low back and neck pain and can cause significant disability.

What are the symptoms of Degenerative Disc Diseases?

The symptoms vary depending upon which disc is affected by degeneration. Some known symptoms found while treating patients with degenerative disc disease are as follows:

Degenerative Disc Treatment in Pune


Generally, the most prescribed medicines for degenerative disc diseases can be classified into two main categories- 

1) Pain relievers, such as acetaminophen

2) NSAIDs, the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen.

Epidural Steroid Injections

An epidural injection helps in Degenerative Disc Disease to relieve pain when there is nerve or cord compression due to disc herniation or bone growth(osteophytes). Steroid injections can provide temporary relief and improve functionality.


The objective of a physiotherapy course is to restore the motor functions and alignment of bone joints with the help of special exercises as guided by a physiotherapist.

Below are some popular therapies that are found to be effective for curing a degenerative disc:

Chiropractic treatments

These are the cervical manipulations that involve making adjustments to decrease joint restrictions or misalignments to provide relief from pain.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS):

 A TENS unit involves sending tiny electrical impulses near the painful areas with the electrode pads that are worn on the skin.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound’s deep heat has a remarkable healing capacity as it can increase the metabolism of soft tissue cells. Thus therapeutic ultrasound therapy can be considered one of the safest treatments for relieving pain and improving physical function in patients.

Interferential content therapy (IFT)

IFT stimulates surface nerves and block the pain signal by delivering continuous intermittent pulses into the affected tissue.  Thus it significantly reduces pain and cures the patient.


Rehab refers to a guided physical therapy program under the supervision of a certified trainer. This process is designed to help a patient gain speedy recovery from pain. Rehabilitation also includes group counseling or drug treatment. Given below are the two exercises that are often recommended during rehabilitation for degenerative disc treatment in Pune:

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises can ease the tension in muscles and improve their flexibility. There are four stretching exercises often recommended for reducing back pain for low back degenerative disc disease: pelvic tilt, lower trunk rotation, and knee to chest.

Strengthening exercises 

Strengthening exercises make the muscles stronger so that they can provide added support to a degenerating spinal segment. It leads to reduced pain and increased stability.

Lifestyle modifications

Given below are some practices that help for keeping good health of disc and spine::

  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking
  • Choosing an active daily routine instead of a sedentary lifestyle
  • Incorporate ergonomic furniture in your house so that whenever you sit or sleep, your spine is supported

Heat and Cold

Heat can ease tension and spasms, thereby providing relief from degenerative disc pain. Heat therapy can be taken in the form of a heating pad, warm bath, or adhesive wrap. Cold therapy, on the other hand, can reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Massage: Massages not only relieve pain but also improve posture and flexibility, increase range of motion, lower blood pressure, makes the heart rate steady, and relieve stress.

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