EMRT Treatment in Pune

According to research, a lower power electric signal (streaming potential) is produced every time a joint is stressed. This natural signal instructs the body to repair the damaged or worn tissue and maintain the joint’s health and proper functioning. However, this signaling system can be disrupted due to aging, injury, or certain diseases. When this happens, the body is unable to repair itself and the joints suffer from pain, inflammation, and a loss of function.

But how do you deal with this pain and damage? Enliven Ortho and Spinal Wellness Centre takes care of it efficiently by delivering innovative and advanced treatment for the same with the EMRT method. Traditional methods like in-take of over-the-counter pain relievers or usage of muscle relaxants, topical pain relievers or anti-inflammatory cortisone injections may impart temporary relief but long term use may give side effects. But EMRT treatment merely makes use of your movement through an electromagnetic field and natural signals tell your body to stimulate the healing process.

EMRT treatment in Pune at Spinal Wellness

Through the benign EMRT treatment at Spinal Wellness, we offer the most non-invasive therapy for musculoskeletal, joint, and spine diseases. Also widely used in Europe for healing damaged structures such as cartilage, intervertebral discs, bones, tendons, ligament structures, and the articular capsule within all joints, EMRT is a unique electromagnetic therapy. It has also been shown to be effective in treating osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stress fractures, and fracture non union or delayed union.

It is a cutting-edge, technologically advanced form of therapy that is useful in treating injuries caused by car accidents, work, sports, or repetitive joint stress. This therapy is unique as it combines traditional and non-traditional medical care. While the therapy relies on the body’s natural ability to heal itself, the technology has been subjected to scientifically rigorous clinical trials that have resulted in success and patient benefits.

At Enliven Ortho and Spinal Wellness Centre, our team of therapy professionals has specialized in this new-age technology. The EMRT treatment in Pune is given in 9 to 12 sessions of 60 minutes or may be some more depending upon the requirement and condition of patient. The goal is to reduce pain in the short and long term, improve physical resilience, and improve joint function.

In contrast to traditional magnetic field therapy, the magnetic field in EMRT only serves as a “carrier” for electrically pulsed signals. The magnetic field allows these signals to pass through the injury intact. The pulsating signals would be distorted if there was no magnetic field because of the varying density of the surrounding tissue.

What happens during the process?

Because EMRT does not intervene with your body internally, patients can wear whatever they want during treatment. The patient sits or lies on a specially designed chair or bed (depending on the area being treated). The treated joint or area is carefully positioned within the EMRT device. During the hour of treatment, the area being treated must be completely relaxed.

The procedure entails 9 to 12 one-hour treatments on consecutive days. If necessary, after completing at least 05 treatment sessions, an interruption of fewer than two days (48 hours) is permitted. It is also possible to do two treatments per day, as long as there is at least a four-hour break between the end of the first treatment and the start of the second.

The regeneration process reaches a significant level 8-12 weeks after the therapy sessions are completed. With EMRT treatment in Pune, the regeneration process could last up to a year or more.

Is EMRT painful?

If you are in need of EMRT treatment in Pune but are skeptical about it and are wondering if it pains while the procedure, then you must know the following facts:

The EMRT treatment session is completely non-invasive, and most patients may experience tingling or a sensation of warmth in the treated area. Some people may experience a temporary and slight increase in their normal pain in the affected joint. This is regarded as a positive reaction because it is caused by the reconstruction and healing that is taking place in the injured area.

However, in few cases, patients may experience the following:

  • If the patient does experience pain, it usually subsides quickly.
  • Some patients experience a slight tingling sensation and warmth or cold in the area being treated.
  • Some patients may also experience sensations in other joints or parts of the body that are not directly treated. As the signal travels through the body in a waveform, it can be redirected to areas that also require attention, i.e., compensatory deficits.

Benefits of EMRT

At Enliven Ortho and Spinal Wellness Centre, we understand the fear and the risks involved in surgical treatments. Thus, with EMRT treatment in Pune, we ensure the following benefits:

  • Increased bone density
  • Improved bone quality
  • Re-stimulation of osteoblast formation
  • Pain relief
  • Physical resilience
  • Joint function

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