Spinal Wellness Program

We offer integrated spinal wellness programs that blend modern science with the traditional and holistic approach that treats the person; not just the symptoms.

True spinal wellness approach is not all about treating the symptoms. It’s about treating and reversing the root cause of the disease and to restore the wellness.

Our Treatment Goals

We mainly focus on decompression, mobilization and correction that strengthens the spinal muscle, re-align the spinal bones,

Spinal Correction:

Due to several factors such as a sedentary job, improper posture, etc, there are high chances your spine may lose its alignment. We are highly aware of how much pain and discomfort a broken or a misaligned spine can cause. The human spine is the backbone of your body and also an important part of the nervous system. It is crucial to understand that one should not ignore the issues related to the spine as it has a domino effect and could cause severe health complications in the future.

At Enliven Ortho and Spinal Wellness Centre, we provide an effective and painless spinal correction treatment to ensure our client’s spine is in the best condition. Moreover have garnered a significant amount of interest as it is highly effective, non-invasive, and painless.

Spinal mobilization

Spinal mobilization has emerged as an excellent therapy to effectively treat pain in the back especially in the lower regions of the back. Spinal mobilization is performed with the same objective as HVLA spinal manipulation – to improve the overall functionality of a joint. However, in spinal mobilization, the gradual movement to the endpoints of a joint movement is used to mobilize a joint. Spinal mobilization is recommended for:

  1. Patients who prefer the technique over spinal manipulation
  2. Patients who have a sensitive nervous system and are prone to reactive muscle spasms caused by chiropractic techniques
  3. Patients who have a certain medical condition for which spinal manipulation may not be ideal such as osteoporosis, bone pathology, etc.
  4. Patients who have an acute pain and a high-level of discomfort

Spinal Decompression Therapy?

As the name suggests, it is a therapeutic method to overcome the spinal cord pain. Indefinite pressure on the pelvic region, aging, athletic injuries, and improper nutrition plays a vital role in upsetting the quality of fluid inside the spinal cord disk plates, which acts as the cushion and shock absorber to human bodily activities.

A specialized doctor would ask you to lie down on a computerized table. Depending on the area that calls for treatment, your doctor would ask you to lie down face-up or face-down. You will be clothed throughout the process as the computers scan the affected region for further process. Spinal decompression therapy is a process of 30-45 minutes. Nevertheless, your doctor might ask you for a scheduled visit depending on the recovery time your body responds to.

Zero Gravity Spinal Treatment:

It has been predicted that around 95 percent of people will go through some problem related to their back in their lifetime.

Typically, individuals resort to over the counter medication and painkillers to counter the pain. However, if the injury persists for a prolonged period of time, surgery is the last resort. Surgeries do not guarantee successful results and one takes quite some time to recover from the same. Whenever the human body is standing or sitting in an upright position, the discs are likely to get compressed due to gravity.

Further, when the discs are compressed, there is a contraction in the muscles which helps the body stay balanced. However, one can feel a significant amount of discomfort and may require professional intervention. The zero gravity spinal treatment has emerged as an excellent procedure to treat problems related to the back effectively without any pain and invasive measures.

At times when the effect of gravity is neutralized, the discs and the spinal muscles get back to their natural size and shape. Based on this principle, we offer advanced and technologically updated zero gravity spinal treatment.